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Activities around the garden.

The year is new and the ideas are so numerous that I really need to get more room to try them all out. Unfortunately here in my urban back yard I will just need to work with what I have.

The new things I am going to try out this year are some string trellises for the tomatoes that are going to be 8 ft height to try and keep up the the growth that overwhelms the current 4 ft trellis. I will post the details on the web site in the vegetable garden section covering how to make them.

I do not like to use pesticides since I have the Bee hives but watching the cucumbers start out so nice and then wilt and die from the bacterial wilt has resulted in the purchase of dome of the Country Fair variety that is said to be resistant to the bacteria. We will see and I will update as the season goes.

The seed starting room was cleaned up and prepared with two new LED grow lights and additional heat mat. I typically remove the seedlings from the heat mats after they have their 2nd set of leaves to slow the growth and keep them more compact.

I am pretty good about keeping up with the weeding in the garden since 1/2 of the beds are raised beds but the rows get overgrown by the later part of the summer. I am going to try and use the woven weed block with the holes in various patterns to see if that will help keep the weeds at bay or at least easier to keep up with.

I have ordered some ever bearing strawberries to replace half of the current bed that is just June bearing plants. Just would like to have them more than the current month long harvest and so will split the 30 ft bed in half. Only down side is I will need to keep the netting on the everbearing half to keep the birds at bay.

I hope that my success's and failures help you make your own gardening endeavor's more successful.

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