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Care of Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax wraps are

  • Beeswax wraps help limit the plastic in your home.

  • Beeswax wraps help limit plastic pollution globally.

  • Beeswax wraps are reusable and biodegradable.

  • Beeswax wraps are all-natural and non toxic

To care for your beeswax wrap

  • Rinse in cold water to avoid melting the wax.

  • Wipe the beeswax wrap down with a damp cloth

  • Wash with soap suds from a mild dish detergent and rinse with cold water.

Do not use hot water or detergents to clean your cloth. Do not place the beeswax cloth in the washing machine. These methods will damage and remove the wax from the cloth removing itd property of sticking.

Once the used beeswraps are creased and looking a bit worn you can re-set and refresh your Beeswax Wrap. To do this put the wrap on some baking paper placed on a baking tray. You can fold the beeswax wrap in half to allow it to fit on the baking paper. Place the beeswax wrap on the tray into the an oven that is set 150 deg f to remelt the wax. You can place a piece of backing paper over the top of the wrap and uding oven mit to protect your hands smoth and work the beaswax wrap by pushing down on the surface and moving back and forth to redistribuite the melted wax thru the cloth.

Once Cool sepearte the beeswax wrap from its self and you shoul dbe good to go for another couple of months.

The Beeswrap has reached the end of its useful life in the kitchen when it has worn thin and soft and has trouble sticking to itself.

Once your beeswax wrap will not renew itself by reheating the wax you can dispose of your wrap in your composte bin to decompose since it is made from all natural ingreadents.

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