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Planting Dahlias

The most important thing is to start with firm solid tubers. They should not be wrinkled or contain any soft brown areas which are the beginning of rot.

While not required to maintain the best quality of plants it is recommended that you divide the large clump of tubers from the plants that you have dug up and stored from last year.

If you have not done so already prior to storing over the winter you will want to divide the tuber cluster such that there is one or two tubers attached to a portion of the old stem of the plant.

This location where the stem joins the tubler is the area where the “eye” or buds are that form the new growth

These will grow into the stems of the plant for the coming year

Before you plant the tubers, you want to prepare the location where the plants will grow for the season.

They will need full sun and a well-drained soil that has been amended with composted cow manure.

Remove any weeds from the bed.where you will be planting your tubers.