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Soil Blocks for Seed Starting

Soil blocks are great a great option for starting seeds. They help promote a good root system by a process called air pruning. This is where the root grow thru the soil block and when they reach the surface of the block that is in contact with the air it causes the root to stop and branch off into the rest of the soil block material.

They are a good way to start all seedlings that do generate a deep root system as seedlings such a sweet pea and help prevent the transplant shock that occurs by the transplanting of bare root seedlings into the garden.

They lessen the use of plastic in indoor seed starting. There’s no need to purchase seed starting containers each year or sterilize re-used ones.

The soil block tool compresses the potting mix lightly enough that the potting mix stays in a formed cube for the length of a seedling’s growth.

The tools to make soil blocks come in different sizes.