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They Live- Other wise know as overwintering Geraniums

So in the before the geraniums get tagged by frost I put them in the basement for a long winter rest. I do not water them and keep them in a cool dark location. This is the time Of year that I see who has made it an who has not. I clean them of all the dead leaves and the old soils around their roots. Some new potting soil and the removal of any obviously dead stems and the rest cut back to 4 or so inches is all I do at this time. Water thoroughly and I put them under my LED grow lights to see which will green up and which will not. I usually get 80 % success in having them pull thru.

I do not try and get cutting started from these trimmings since most will mot root because they are so stressed. But not to worry later on there will be the perfect time.

Here is what they look like to start. They can look more dead than alive.( the purple color is from the grow lights.

After 3 weeks here is what they look like.

I will let them grow enough tp have stems long enough to take cuttings from. For some reason I find that the cuttings have more vigor than the mother plants..

All in all an inexpensive way to keep my planter boxes full of geraniums in the upcoming summer. Plus plenty to give away to friends and neighbors. The only ones I may buy are a variety I might not have that I just can not do with out even if I am not sure where I may have a place for it.

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