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Tomato starting from Seed

The reason to start tomatoes from seed is the wider variates that become aviable to the home gardener.

Starting tomatoes from seed is easy for even the beginner.

First select the varieties of tomato you would like to grow

There are two main types of tomatoes are called Determinant and Indeterminate.

The determinate type is those that will continue to grow and produce fruit until they are killed by frost. If given the support to grow they can grow over 12 ft high at the end of the season.

The indeterminate is those that will grow to a set size and produce all their tomatoes during a short time frame. They are the preferred variety to grow in mots since they do not get as tall and have a more manageable size.

Keep in mind that a determinate plant will fill a 5-gallon pot and for the indeterminate they will spread 4 ft wide by