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Bonsai Gardens

Bonsai Gardens are as much about the container as they are about the plant.
They require care and attention and are by nature the type of garden for someone looking for a long term goal.
Bonsai has a long history and there have developed rules that cover the art of Bonsai. Go to the links above to get more information about the formal art of Bonsai,
The following are some of the basic rules:


Glazed colors are recommended for flowering bonsai. 

Unglazed clay and muted tones are recommended for evergreen bonsai.


Round pots – are most often used for cascade and semi-cascade style trees (depending upon depth)

Square pots - are not commonly used with very many traditional styles. However, sometimes they seem just perfect.

Rectangle containers – best for straight trunk trees.

Oval, and rounded corners on rectangles – suit curved trunk trees.

Lotus Shaped containers - are used much like round or square pots.

Wide shallow pots- are perfect for multiple trunks, rock plantings, rafts and forests.

Plant Location in Container

Oval or rectangle pot - should be placed a little behind the center line of the container and also be a little to the left or right of center.  Look at where the first branch leaves the trunk. Branch to the left the plant goes to the left of center. Branch to the right the plant goes to the left of center.

Square and round containers. Trees are then placed directly in center, when possible.

Bonsai Gardens
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