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How to successfully start Peas early in the spring

Updated: 2 days ago

Planting peas for that early crop takes a couple of tricks.

While peas are one of those crops that enjoy the cooler temperatures of spring and can survive a light frost having successful germination of the seeds in the spring garden can be a challenge. The cold soil temperatures and wet soil conditions can result in poor germination when pea seeds are planted in the early spring garden.

Peas prefer soil temperatures of at least 40 deg F to germinate. The warmer the temperature the faster the seeds will germinate. If the soil is too cold (below 40 degrees), seeds take much longer to germinate and may rot. under the cold wet conditions. At 40°F pea seeds can take more than 20 days to emerge and the longer it take for them to germinate the greater the risk for rot to set in..

To prevent rot the seeds can be treated with a fungicide (usualy pink in color) to help prevent them from rotting in the cold soil temperatures but there is a non-chemical way to accomplish germination without chemicals.