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Seed Starting Basics

Updated: 2 days ago

The following information covers the key basic elements in starting most seeds indoors. It addresses the information needed for the large majority of seedlings but there are some plants whose seeds will require special conditions to germinate such as cold stratification and specific germination temperatures.

In starting seedlings, it is important to provide the proper conditions for them to sprout and develop.

First condition is the seeds.

Germination rates vary among seeds. Some like Rosemary, gomphrena and others have low germination rates where a smaller percentage of seeds planted will germinate as compared to seeds like corn, beans, and zinnias.

The other influence on germination rates is the age of the seeds. As seeds age they gradual loose the ability to properly germinate and their germination rates will drop.

The condition that the seeds are kept in prior to planting can also affect the germination rate. Storage in a cool, dry, dark area will maintain the highest germination rate.